August 15, 2022



4 Reasons Why Your Home Looks Plain (and How to Elevate It)

In 2020, one of the biggest worldwide trends was more home improvement projects and an increased focus on creating a comfortable home to make it through the pandemic. This originated from many people realizing that they weren’t quite thrilled with their homes and the fact that they had more time to do something about it. If you live in a standard, cookie-cutter apartment or home, you might find that your home feels quite cold, impersonal and lacking any indication of your own personality. What do you do about it?

There’s a difference between a home that looks plain and a home that has a minimalist design. Minimalism suggests an intentional reduction of visual clutter, but it still has a sense of decor and an aesthetic to it. A plain room is dull, boring and it doesn’t have anything that truly makes it stand out.

You might be wondering what it is that’s making your home look so plain, why it feels cold, or why it just isn’t matching to your taste and your personality. It has a lot to do with some of the crowning fixtures and pieces that need to be brought in, and just making a few shifts and tweaks here and there. Here are four decor issues that might be leading to your home looking plain and not feeling like a true reflection of your style.

Empty Walls

Photo by Vladimir Mokry on Unsplash

Nothing makes a house or apartment look plain and boring as much as having nothing on the walls. Wall decor isn’t optional if you want to make your home feel inviting and interesting, it’s an absolute necessity. What you put up on your walls can be the difference between having that perfect Pinterest-worthy room or having a space that just feels flat and lifeless. The great thing about wall art is that you can choose what works for you. You can buy great wall art in just about every style and size, from abstract art to a large rustic clock or stunning mirrors. Wall art becomes the focal point of the room, and really brings everything together.

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Small Furniture

Furniture needs to be in the right proportion for the size of a room for it to look right
Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash

When the size of your room and the size of your furniture aren’t in proportion, you create a decor problem. If the furniture is too small for the room, it makes it look bare, empty and dull. Furniture has to enhance the room it’s in, and it has to work together with other pieces to create cohesion and a sense of comfort. If your furniture is tiny, you take away that sense of comfort because you’re not utilizing the space thoughtfully. When you invest in pieces of furniture, be sure to measure them first and then measure your room so that you’re sure they are the right size. The goal is to avoid overstuffing a room with really large pieces, and to also get away from small and sparse pieces.

Bare Floors

A well placed rug can add warmth to the floor and help create a more cohesive interior design scheme
Photo by Michael Oxendine on Unsplash

If a room lacks a rug, it’s very likely to look more like a collection of different things instead of an intentional grouping of things. A rug doesn’t just warm up a room to make it feel more lived in and inviting, it also defines the room and sets an intention for it. It can’t be just any rug, it has to be one that is quite sizable so that the key pieces of furniture are anchored and feel arranged in a functional and intentional way. A rug is one of the biggest investments you’re ever going to make in a space if you want to elevate it from something plain and cold into something amazing.

Bare Tables

Simple ideas for styling your coffee table
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Even the most beautiful coffee table would look plain and boring if it isn’t dressed up and styled nicely. One of the most impactful things you can do to bring a sense of character to your room is to put effort into styling your coffee table. If a table is just plain, it tends to look like it’s still on the shop floor, but if you tastefully add things like coffee table books, ornaments and candles, you instantly elevate it and make the space look stylish and beautiful. A simple trick is to use a small stack of coffee table books as the anchor, topped with a beautiful candle or two and then finished off with a beautiful ornament or sculpture.

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A standard cookie cutter home can be elevated with some smart choices, wall decor, an amazing rug and other pieces that make an impact. Once it’s done, you will have a home that you’re proud to call your own, and you can finally start to enjoy living in it.