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9 Cool Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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While the summer months provide us with many more light and sunny hours to sit outside and enjoy the garden, I bet we would all enjoy a bit more time outdoors, especially as the nights begin to draw in.

By introducing outdoor lighting into our life, we could all extend our time outdoors, opening up our gardens as the perfect space to enjoy a night-time drink while snuggled under a blanket.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, you may think your options are limited to security lights and lamps which light the way to your door for safety, but there is actually a vast selection of lights out there for you to choose from to suit the style of your outdoor space.

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Rope Lights Along Borders

If you have a garden brimming with plants, then it’s time to bring attention to them during the night as well. Illuminate plants by running a rope of lights along the edges of the plant borders. Not only does this give more definition to your garden, but it also shines a spotlight on some of your favourite blooms.

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Light Canopy

Increasingly popular in recent years, creating a canopy of string lights above your patio area can transform your space into a magical place. Making al fresco dining more special, the twinkling of the lights can add a cosy feel to outdoor spaces, especially if you select soft, yellow LED lights.

Liven up your garden with a canopy of lights
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Decorate Tree Trunks

If you have larger trees or stumps in your garden, then get winding a set of string lights around the trunk to create a warm glow in your garden in the evening. Not only does this highlight a key feature of your garden, but it also adds a magical, cosy vibe to your outdoor space.

Victorian Lamps

There’s nothing wrong with going traditional, so add a touch of the past to your garden with a Victorian-style lamp. Whether you choose a tall lamp post style, a wall-mounted lamp or Victorian-style garden lamps that stick in the ground, you have plenty of options to create this classic look.

Mushroom Lights

For a hint of fun in the garden, you can find lights in all sorts of shapes and sizes, with mushroom lights being a favourite. These tiny mushroom-shaped lights stick in the ground – either in your pots, planters or borders, and can add a cute illumination to your garden while fitting in with the nature theme.

Rock Lights

If you’re looking for more inconspicuous lighting, then rock lights can be a great option for outside spaces, with the lights disguised within an ornamental rock. The lights are also usually solar-powered, meaning you don’t need to worry about wires running all over your garden.

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Warm up your garden with a fire pit
Image credit: Industville

Fire Pit

A different form of light; adding a fire pit or table to your outdoor space can transform a patio into a stylish spot with an eye-catching focal point. Fire pits also offer the extra benefit of providing warmth, making it the perfect choice for those who want to make use of their outdoor space year-round, even in the colder months.

Faux Candles

While real candles might not survive long in the wind and rain, fake candles can stand proud in your garden all the time, with a flickering LED light in place of a flame. With faux candles, you can achieve the desired look for your patio space, without having to worry about anything catching fire from a stray candle being knocked over.

Wall Lights

Another classic option, wall-mounted lights are a simple, yet very effective way of providing your outdoor space with a hit of light. While many outdoor lights will rely on solar power or batteries to function, most wall lights will be mains powered, allowing you to turn them on and off when you want to, and will likely be brighter too!

Wall lights don’t have to be boring, either. There is a wide range of styles out there, including retro or industrial outdoor lights, allowing you to choose the best type to suit your chosen garden style.

What kind of lighting do you like for outdoor spaces? Leave a comment below to let me know the design style you want for your garden.

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Liven up your outdoors with these cool lighting ideas - perfect for making use of your garden all summer long!

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