August 10, 2022



All You Need To Know About Jet Washing

Jet washing is one of the most efficient ways to perfectly clean the solid surfaces and outdoor furniture in your garden. Water pressure washing has numerous appearance and health-related benefits for your property, and the machinery is relatively easy to use even for beginner gardeners. 

With that in mind, check out this extensive list of advantages and learn every important aspect of the process of cleaning with a jet washer.

What is jet washing?

Photo by Tile Merchant Ireland on Unsplash

Jet washing is a vital gardening maintenance task that allows people to keep up the great neat looks of their outdoor spaces and keep their garden areas clean. 

The procedure is basically blasting water with high pressure to remove bacteria and build-ups from stiff surfaces like driveways, paths, patios, fences, walls, vehicles, and garden furniture. You can use the jet washer on concrete, bricks, wood, and other hard material that needs cleaning.

Everything a person would need for the cleaning process is a jet washer and a reliable water source in the garden. For ultimate squeaky-clean results and best execution, we advise trusting professional gardeners with jet-washing experience.

Advantages of jet washing

Improve the value of many surfaces 

The first advantage of jet washing is it improves the value and appearance of surfaces. It makes a huge difference in the condition of your landscape features before and after the treatment. Here are some of the surfaces that could use a deep cleaning with a jet washer to vastly improve their state and make them look brand new:

  • Walls
  • Fences
  • Patios and decks
  • Walkways and driveways
  • Empty pools and water features
  • Sheds and structures
  • Outdoor Furniture
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Avoid repairs

Jet washing can help keep patio paving slabs in good condition
Photo by Jana Heinemann on Unsplash

Jet washing is also a viable way to maintain your garden structures and avoid any potentially costly repairs. It is no secret that dirt build-up, algae and mould growth wear away garden surfaces. Some materials can deteriorate and break down with time if you are not preserving them. 

At the same time, constant natural exposure to factors like direct sunlight, heavy rain, and temperature variations can lead to rot, water damage, paint peeling, and more types of surface damage. Jet washing helps reduces the risks of serious structural damage and saves money from extra repairs in the long term.

Clean spaces

The best thing about jet washing is the after-cleaning results. Thanks to the high-pressure treatment all germs, mould, stains, paint, mildew, dust, and other build-ups are removed from the surface and cracks of the furniture, features, and hard exteriors in your garden. Your garden space would be clean and polished to perfection.

Time saved

Another great advantage of jet washing is it saves a lot of time! Like, a lot. If you try to manually deep clean all the surfaces in your backyard, it would not be a joyful experience and it certainly would take at least one whole day. So why go through that hassle when pressure washing can do the job better and in a matter of minutes?

Bye, bye, bacteria

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Outdoor features and furniture are constantly exposed to bacteria, and so are you by spending time in the garden. That could lead to some health risks, especially if you have kids on the property that are constantly touching the dirty surfaces. By jet washing these surfaces, you can ensure your family can enjoy their free time in the garden without worrying about germs and excessive dirt.

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Sounds like maintenance your garden might benefit from? The experts from Professional Gardening Services UK are ready to respond to your needs and come transform your London backyard with the power of jet washing.