August 9, 2022



Which are the best aluminium radiators? We’ve got the lowdown for you!

Your central heating system can be just a crucial component of your home, or you can make it a stylish addition to your living space that acts as part of the room’s decor.

When it comes to finding the best radiators in 2022, you want to consider more than just a high heat output – you should also consider it a decorating choice as a radiator is a permanent fixture in your home. Radiator materials will play a big part in the aesthetic of the radiator.

Cast iron and electric radiators have their place in the home, but nothing beats an aluminium radiator’s sleek look and heat output.

Keeping that in mind, here is a list of the five best aluminium radiators for your home.

Five of the Best Aluminium Radiators

Here are five of the best aluminium radiators, including links to buy radiators online.

Reina Neval Aluminium Vertical Design Radiator

Reina Neval radiator

The Reina Neval Aluminium Vertical Design Radiator is a stylish radiator that will compliment any wall space. This vertical radiator has a sharp look with sleek lines and polished colouring.

It is unassuming in size and has soft curves which will not intrude into your space.

This vertical radiator has a single panel and contemporary body and is perfect for heating large rooms.

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This heater costs £256.99 at the time of writing and comprises five sections. It’s 1,800 mm tall, 286 mm wide, and projects from the wall by 73 mm.

It offers a BTU rating of 3,040.

Nordic Omega Aluminium Vertical Radiator

The Nordic Omega is one of the best aluminium radiators
Nordic Omega radiator

Nordic Omega Aluminium Vertical Radiators is one of the best-loved radiator ranges in the UK. These vertical radiators are slim and have beautiful Italian design elements with modern elegance. They come with optional flat end panels to complete their stylish look.

Nordic radiators are designed to last for many years and come with a 10-year warranty.

This model has a height of 1,046 mm, a width of 320 mm, and projection of 95 mm. It has four sections and will set you back £236.21.

Supplies4Heat Saxon Horizontal Aluminium Radiator

Horizontal aluminium radiator
Saxon radiator

Supplies4Heat Saxon Horizontal Radiators come in over 20 sizes and is available as a vertical radiator. They will look amazing in every room of the house and have great heat output that will heat a room effectively.

Although there are 25 different colours available, they come standard as white. This horizontal radiator has an Italian design and manufacturing with brilliant thermal efficiency despite low water content.

Standing 440 mm tall and 420 mm wide, this 8-panel heater has a BTU rating of 1,604. It projects from the wall by 120mm and costs just £113.35 at the time of writing.

Apollo Modena Horizontal Aluminium Radiator

The Apollo Modena is one of the best aluminium radiators
Apollo Modena radiator

The Apollo Modena Horizontal Radiator has only four panels but provides plenty of heat output. The aluminium model is environmentally-friendly, highly efficient and rapidly heats smaller rooms.

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Curved panels, soft lines and the polished white colour make this horizontal radiator very versatile and suitable for almost any room.

The Apollo Modena stands 880 mm tall, 320 mm wide, and projects from the wall by 120 mm. It has a BTU rating of 2,360 and comprises four sections, and it currently retails for £143.59.

DQ Vela Vertical Designer Radiator

Modern DQ Vela vertical designer radiator
DQ Vela designer radiator

The DQ Vela Vertical Designer Radiator is the ultimate modern aluminium radiator. It is a large radiator, making it a great addition to a larger room.

The Vela is a flat-panel vertical radiator that comes standard with anthracite or coal colouring and a luxurious matt finish. It is easy to install, comes with a 10-year manufacturer warranty, and radiates heat despite only having four sections.

Standing 1,900 mm tall and 367 mm wide, this is one of the tallest radiators. It has a BTU rating of 2,876, is made of 4 sections, and projects from the wall by 90 mm. It currently retails for £479.06, making it one of the more expensive options.

Reina Wave Horizontal Designer Radiator

Reina Wave aluminium radiator
Reina Wave radiator

The Reina Wave Horizontal Designer Radiator takes radiator design to the next level, and it has asymmetrical bars for a unique look. Despite being a compact radiator, it has great heat output, comparable to much larger heavy-duty radiators.

The Reina Wave is available in white or anthracite colouring with a textured finish. This radiator will be a talking piece in your home.

Our final heater stands at 600 mm tall and 620 mm wide. With six sections and a BTU rating of 2,153, it projects a discreet 78 mm from the wall. This model will currently set you back around £213.53.

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Concluding Thoughts

Your radiator can contribute a lot to the style and vibe of your living spaces, bedrooms or bathrooms. That is why it is important that you settle on a design that is efficient in terms of heat output, meets your heat requirements, and complements your home’s decor and design style.

The horizontal radiators have a more traditional look, while the vertical designer radiators work in areas where you have limited wall space.

All of the best aluminium radiators listed above are top-notch quality, have great BTU (British thermal unit), and come with good warranties. If you want an energy-efficient central heating system, an aluminium radiator is the best choice.

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