August 9, 2022



Bright Ideas For Lighting Garage Shelves

Ever found yourself searching the storage shelves in your garage, but being unable to find the items you’re looking for? If it’s down to poor lighting, you’re not alone.  Lighting plays a vital role in every room, including the garage, and your lights need to be efficient to let you see and find things, yet often the lighting in a garage gets overlooked. To fix the problem and help illuminate your garage effectively, here are some ideas of garage lighting solutions.

Enhance the Natural Lighting

Before making any changes, look for ways to maximize natural lighting during the day. Specialists from the website advise not to cover even the smallest windows as they might make the space significantly brighter. You can also choose garage doors with windows to add more light. There are many different models available on the market, which can be an efficient way of providing more of the sun’s rays to the interior of your garage.

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Consider LED Shelf Lighting

As the garage is a room where things are typically stored, shelf lighting can make it more organized. Experts from this website say that surprisingly, even your garage lighting can increase the value of your house. To install LED shelf lighting, you can call a professional to help you, but the task is also straightforward to do on your own! How to do that then? Read our tips below to find out!

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LED Strips

LED stripes are one of the most advisable methods for shelf lighting. It is affordable, accessible, and easy to install. That is why this type of lighting is so popular.

How to install them?

First, check the dimensions of your shelves. Then choose the right shade of LED stripes available either online or in your local store. Once you have them, it’s time for installation — dry and clean the surface to prepare it for attaching the LEDs. The last step is to stick the strips to the selected places of your shelves, connect them, and turn on the light. It will take you less than an hour. Your garage shelves lighting will look much more organized. LED stripes have many applications for your garage lighting. It can be an excellent option for your work surface as it perfectly increases visibility.

Installing an LED light strip on a garage wall shelf
Installing an LED light strip (image: Shutterstock)

LED Button Light

Another LED alternative is a button light. It’s a form of coin-shaped lamp, but bigger. Installation is straightforward; you just need to clean the surface and apply it to the selected spot. Some of the models available on the market contain a remote to turn it on; others require pressing it in order to activate.

Rechargeable LED Sticks

For a more environment-friendly option, you can always choose rechargeable LED sticks. They are a bit bigger than  LED buttons but equally easy to install. It’s a perfect solution for your garage storage system. You can use it on your shelves or even in your drawers. As this light is wireless, you can apply it to any spot in your garage. Once the light is not working anymore, simply charge it, and you can continue using it. Undoubtedly rechargeable LED sticks are a little more pricey than some other lights, but they will surely last for years.

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Advantages of LED Lighting

Here are some of the positives worth knowing while choosing LED shelves lighting:

  • Easy to install – as it’s in the form of a sticker, you can apply it anywhere without any tools.
  • Affordable – compared to other lighting alternatives, it’s much cheaper as you can install it on your own and avoid additional costs.
  • Customizable – you can choose lights with colourful modes to add a unique atmosphere to your workplace.
  • Economical – LED lighting saves much more power than traditional or decorative bulbs.
  • Durable – LEDs are more likely to last for a longer time than other forms of lighting.
  • Low radiated heat- they don’t produce as much heat while being turned on.

A garage can be a vital part of your house, whether you use it for storing garden tools, doing DIY or to house an extra freezer.  Making the space organized and bright enough can improve the function of the room and your mood when you’re out there using it. Give your garage a more pleasant atmosphere by implementing some organization ideas and taking care of the brightness.