August 15, 2022



Coastal Interior Design For Your Home

The coastal interior design trends are a little different from anywhere else, making people feel like they’ve really arrived somewhere idyllic and beautiful. Choosing to decorate in this style can really make the most of being close to the ocean, making even ordinary days feel a little lighter and breezier. Whether you simply love living at the beach or want to stage your home for sale, these home accent choices are likely to make anyone who comes in feel like they’ve gone on vacation, even if it is just for an hour or two while eating dinner with family and friends.

Go for a Neutral-Plus-Blue Palette

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

The light greys, whites, and sandy beiges that are standard for a beach house go particularly well with pops of sky blue or other light blues. The room can give the look of the sea, sand, sky combo that you see when you are out for a walk on the beach.

Emphasize Natural Light With Gauzy Curtains

Light, gauzy curtains are ideal for a coastal interior design scheme
Photo by Point3D Commercial Imaging Ltd. on Unsplash

Covering up the natural light can make a coastal interior design feel less breezy, and after all, life at the beach is supposed to feel a little breezy. Accent your natural light by using sheer curtains that have some movement to them, especially when the windows are open. Other sources of natural light, like adding skylights or mirrors to rooms that need more light, can add to the breeziness. Another option is bright art – if you have wall prints of sunny days or beach scenes, you’ll emphasize the coastal theme as well as add brightness.

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Use Driftwood and Rope for Accents on Decor

Examples of home accessories and decor made from driftwood
Photo by Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash

Compared to other kinds of interior design, coastal interior design relies heavily on materials that you won’t usually find in other styles of home decor. Particularly, driftwood for frame edging, tables, or chairs is unusual outside of coastal interior design, but its a great look in your beach home. Thick rope can also make for great borders and can make for great chunky rugs, all contributing to the combination of hard seafaring and soft relaxation that characterizes the beach.

Bleached-Wood-Style Vinyl Provides Durable Flooring

Actual wood floors and carpet can take a beating at the beach, between salt water dripping and sand tracked in from adventures in the surf. One great option for getting the coastal look but having an easier time cleaning and maintaining is to opt for vinyl in a very light grey bleached wood tone. You get all the easy tidying of having vinyl floors but with the look of a deck that has been weathered by the sea and sun.

If you want to create a coastal interior design, you don’t have to revamp everything at once. Consider your options wide open, whether it be starting with accentuating natural light or adding some rope-lined placemats to the dining room. Any replacements of furniture or decor items that turn it from a darker-toned room to a lighter toned one are going to be a move in the right direction.