August 10, 2022



Easy End-of-Summer Home Decor & Maintenance Checklist

Autumn is around the corner, and you know what that means – rainy days with lower temperatures are ahead of us. While the sun is still out and you can leave your home with a minimal amount of clothes on you, make sure you take care of all those little things that need to be done around the house. Getting them done in the autumn can be tricky after all, while putting them off until winter can take its toll on your house and your pocket. With that said, here is a list of all those tasks you should take care of before the leaves start to change colour and fall.

Get rid of all that lint

Maybe cleaning your dryer vent isn’t the first chore that comes to mind when you think about end-of-summer cleaning, and you are definitely not the only one. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect this task, which can result in a dryer fire. Since the last time you took your dryer vent hose apart a lot of items have probably been collected in there, such as paper and even coins. To ensure everything is in order, take an hour of your time to cross this task off your checklist.

Clean the gutters

Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

Before the leaves start to fall and collect in your gutters, make sure you clean them thoroughly. Starting the wetter months with clean gutters is a great practice since it can save you a lot of trouble. Clogged gutters can cause rainwater to soak the ground around your house, which can seriously harm your foundation and cause unnecessary expenses. Dirt, debris, and nests collected in the gutters can all present a hazard, so remove them from these drains before the fall arrives.

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Inspect your roof

To clean your gutters, you will need to climb the ladder. When you are already up there, give your roof a good look. Fixing the roof during the winter months is much more expensive, so if some work needs to be done, do not put it off. Speaking of your roof, if you haven’t insulated it by now, consider doing it before autumn. Whether you decide to use foil roll insulation, fiberglass, or insulated panels, you will prevent heat loss, save energy and reduce your bills. Spending a fortune to warm up your home during the winter only to have a quarter of that heat leave your house through the roof seems like a huge waste, so insulating your house on time can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Take care of your yard

Fruits and vegetables can be grown in garden planters
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

You have surely used your patio or deck during the summer, and now it is time to clean them. Get a power washer and remove dirt from your driveway and your home’s exterior, as well. When you are done, see which items in your yard need weatherproofing. A fresh coat of wax or paint is much cheaper than replacing your fence or deck in the spring, so do not postpone this type of work.

Get your HVAC system serviced

When was the last time your HVAC system was thoroughly inspected by a professional and properly serviced? If years are in question, call a professional to see what is lurking in those vents and change the filters. This is especially important if you have asthma because old filters do not remove allergens and particulate matter from the air.

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Add natural elements to your home

These cute pumpkin lights are perfect for an autumn themed tablescape
Credit: Lights4Fun

When you have ensured everything is in order, you can give your home a seasonal makeover. Decorating your home for the fall is all about adding natural elements to your place, such as apples, branches, acorns, and pumpkins. These autumnal items can easily be found (maybe even in your backyard) and cost next to nothing.

Preparing your home for the approaching season is not that difficult if you start on time. Therefore, roll up your sleeves and see what you can take off your maintenance list first.

Featured image credit:Spacejoy on Unsplash