August 15, 2022



How to Create a Country Kitchen


The humble country kitchen is a popular interior design choice for many of us. Cozy, homely, rustic, and traditional, the country kitchen is an inspiration for many of our kitchen choices. If you want to create a country kitchen, these tips have something for those who want to renovate and others who’d simply like to add some country charm to their kitchen.

1. Invest in traditional appliances

Country kitchens have traditional appliances proudly on show. Sleek, built-in modern appliances are a no-go. If you can afford to, invest in traditional appliances like a range cooker, a vintage-style fridge, or a ceramic butler sink with brass taps. If you already have several modern appliances that you don’t want to replace, hiding them behind wooden cupboard doors or fabric curtains is a great way to ensure they don’t detract from your kitchen’s rustic style.

2. Add antique furniture and decorations

Photo by Ellen Auer on Unsplash

One of the best ways to get that authentic, rustic look is by adding real antiques to your kitchen. Reclaimed wooden chairs and stools, brass railings, and vintage teapots – finding unique, quirky antique objects and furniture for your kitchen will give it that farmhouse look. Don’t worry if the antiques you pick up are scratched or faded – it all adds to the charm. That said, caring for antique furniture is a bit more complex than newer objects, so find antique Furniture guides online for tips and tricks.

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3. Consider stone flooring

Wooden floorboards may seem like an obvious choice for a country kitchen, but a truly authentic look taken straight from the traditional farmhouse is stone flooring. Choosing stone in a neutral color will ensure the flooring can match your kitchen throughout any changes you make. And with underfloor heating becoming cheaper and more popular than ever, stone flooring can add warmth to your kitchen.

4. Display everything

Country kitchen style open shelving with crockery displayed
Photo by Nico on Unsplash

Country kitchens aren’t meant to be minimalist, perfect, and pristine spaces. A little clutter is a good thing and will make the space feel more homely. From tea towels and crockery to herbs and spices, find ways to display as much as possible. Consider removing doors from cupboards or replacing them with glass doors. Get some brass hooks to hang up utensils, tea towels, and oven mitts.

5. Get creative with storage

Creating a cozy, farmhouse-style kitchen gives you free rein over how you store and showcase food, crockery, and cooking utensils. If you remove doors from some cupboards, consider using baskets for storage. Stock up on jars and fill them with your pasta and rice. We love this article’s suggestions for country kitchen storage ideas, including a wicker magazine rack for storing baking trays and a blanket rack, converted into a vegetable stand.

6. Add an island counter

Country kitchen inspired design in a contemporary home
Image credit: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock

An island counter in your kitchen will give it a truly country feel. An island will give your kitchen extra countertop space and more storage since the best island counters are filled with drawers and cupboards. Kitchen islands can also function as an extra place to eat, meaning you and your family can cozy up in the kitchen for lunch or breakfast and enjoy the homely feel of the room. If you’re stuck for kitchen island ideas, this farmhouse kitchen island Pinterest board has plenty of inspiration.