August 9, 2022



How to Make Your Small Bedroom Instantly Comfortable: 10 DIY Ideas

Your bedroom is your haven and it’s where you sleep and relax after a long day. As such, it is only reasonable for you to want it to be as comfortable as possible. However, it is very easy for a small bedroom to start feeling cramped or claustrophobic.
However, with a little bit of know-how, you can make simple adjustments that will make a difference. Here are 10 DIY ideas on how to make your small bedroom instantly comfortable.
Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels
Opt for a Lighter Colour Scheme
If your room is small, the last thing you want to do is paint it a dark colour. We recommend going for bright, light colours, preferably white. White is expansive and can give your room a bright and airy feel. If you worry about your room looking too hospital-like, you can add bits of colour with other decor or furniture.
DIY Your Mattress
The ultimate DIY hack for the bedroom is building your own mattress. Look at it this way: you know what you need the best, so why not customize the mattress to fit your every need? You could even make your new DIY mattress patterned for an added touch of fun. There are countless DIY mattress ideas online that you can use to create the mattress of your dreams.
Avoid Commitment With a Temporary Wallpaper
If you don’t want to paint your walls, or fancy a bit of pattern on one single wall, then why not try wallpaper instead. You can apply temporary wallpaper yourself, as it doesn’t require that much expertise. Choose a pattern you like, then measure the walls you want to cover. When purchasing the wallpaper, get a little bit more than the required amount to have room for error.
As a bonus, temporary wallpaper isn’t permanent, so you can switch things up down the road when you tire of the current look. Plus, you can turn the entire job into a fun group project by inviting friends over to help.
Get Creative With Your Furniture Placement
A major problem with small rooms is how easily they can become cramped with furniture. Instead, try unique approaches when placing your furniture as this can make your room look more spacious. For example, try keeping your bed away from the window and toward a specific wall. Opt for beds with storage space below or floating shelves. Doing any of the above will open up more space in your room’s floor plan.
Design a Rug
If you have hardwood floors, you might be considering a rug. Rugs can instantly make a room feel cozier, and having a plush surface to step onto when you get out of bed is a plus. You can even layer rugs to bring more texture to the room.
Choose a style you want and get the materials you’ll need. You can learn how to make a DIY rug online. The materials for such a DIY are usually very affordable, so this method is cheaper than the hundreds of pounds you might spend on any premade rug.
Decide How Bright You Want Your Room to Be
Overhead lighting can be harsh, so we recommend utilizing dimmer lighting in your bedroom. There are plenty of ways to adjust the lighting in your room. For example, you can use lamps and wall-mounted lights with dimmers to ensure you get the right amount of light.
Alternatively, you can invest your time in your lighting project. You can buy string lights and customize them with jute or other cheaper materials. These lights are excellent for decor purposes, and you won’t even need a night light. If you don’t have time to customize string lights yourself, you can always incorporate smart bulbs into your bedroom. These bulbs will give you more options, especially concerning the light intensity in your room.
Ditch the Traditional Headboard
If you want to make your room look more spacious, you should ditch the bulky headboards that come with standard beds. Instead, opt for narrow headboards that go a foot above your pillows. They look great, giving the room a much more relaxed look. Alternatively, you can ditch the headboard for a chicer, more minimalistic vibe.
Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash
Opt for Curtains Instead of Blinds
Blinds are good at blocking out light, but they can look bland in a room. Opt for curtains or drapes instead if you want to give your room some personality. Depending on the thickness of curtains, some  are excellent at blocking out light and could help you get a better night’s sleep. 
Add a Pop of Colour to Your Bed
If you think your room lacks colour, pick out brightly coloured cushions or pillows. Use a colourful, patterned comforter throw to add a dramatic flair to the overall look of the space. Think about it this way: your bed is the signature piece in your bedroom, so adding colour to it will tie the room together.
Decorate With Indoor Plants
Having a small room is no reason to skip indoor plants. Indoor plants reduce your stress levels and increase productivity and overall wellness. Plants don’t have to take up too much space – for example, hanging pots keep out of the way while still adding a decorative touch. However, ensure that you read up on plants you can safely bring into your room.
In conclusion, your bedroom is your safe space, so it’s good to make your room as comfortable as possible. Choose a lighter colour scheme, add a DIY rug, or install dimmer lighting to make your room cozier.  Following any of our 10 DIY ideas on how to make your small bedroom instantly more comfortable is sure to customize your space to your liking. With a bit of creativity, you can have a bedroom so comfy that you’ll never want to leave!
Featured image credit: Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

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