August 15, 2022



How to Personalise Your Rental Home

Wherever you live, you want it to feel welcoming and personal. But there’s a common misconception that you can’t achieve this with a rental property – especially when you can’t change anything fundamental about the property. However, there are still ways for you to personalise your rental home. Read on to find out how you can do it.

Add houseplants

Photo by Véronique Trudel on Unsplash

Houseplants are a natural way to personalise your rental home without worrying about losing your deposit. They provide a dash of colour and vitality while boosting your health and wellbeing. By purchasing a ficus tree, you can add height to an unused corner or you could grow a small herb garden to add some fresh colour to your property.

Buy a statement rug

If you have dull carpets or cheap wooden flooring, you can alter their appearance without ripping the house up. A beautiful statement rug can cover up these ugly surfaces and add some elegance to your property.

Invest in light fixtures

Pink and gold home interior design
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Changing the lighting can make a real difference to your home too. Harsh, unnatural lighting can make you feel tired and harm your productivity. Instead, you should look to create a softer, layered approach to your lighting. One way you can do this is by adding floor lamps to your home. Alternatively, you could purchase glass lighting to create a stylish look in any of your rooms. 

Hang artwork

If you have any posters or artwork, it’s well worth hanging them on the walls. They often contain some of our most cherished memories or encapsulate our personalities. And there are solutions out there if you’re worried about damaging the wall when you hang the artwork. Just pick out some of your favourite pieces, or buy some new ones to decorate your walls.

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Use different textures

Lovely neutrally decorated calm living room
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You can also personalise your home by applying different textures. This can make your property feel more comforting and homely. By adding throws or cushions to your lounge area, you’ll be able to enjoy the warm benefit of different textures to touch.

Make the most of an outdoor space

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, it’s well worth making the most of it. You could do this by carefully curating a flower bed to gaze at, or you could add some beautiful hanging baskets. Alternatively, if you have a patioed area outside, you could add a tranquil sitting area to relax, or purchase a BBQ for those long summer evenings.

A rental property can often feel cold and unwelcoming when you first arrive. But by following the guide above, you’ll soon be able to turn it into a home.