August 10, 2022



Ideas for Decorating a Home that Reflects Your Personality

Decorating your living space on your own sounds like an easy job – all you have to do is pick some comfy furniture, add a few cool decorating pieces, and hang a few pictures, right? Well, that’s not exactly true, especially if you want to create space that will reflect your personality and show the world who you are. Doing this requires a bit more concentration, time, energy, and knowledge, but that still doesn’t mean you can’t do it on your own even if you’re not a professional interior decorator. So, if you too are thinking about decorating your home in the future and wish to make it nice and inviting, here are a few DIY tips that might help you achieve amazing results.

Choose your favourite wall colours

Probably the best and easiest way to show your personality to the world is by focusing on the wall colours. These won’t just help you express your feelings and design tendencies, but also help you understand who you are and why you prefer certain tones of the others. What’s even better is that your favourite colours on the walls will help you set the tone for the rest of your home, and you can even use wallpapers in order to bring more style into the room.

Luckily, there are lots of different colours and tones you can choose from, depending on your personality and what you’re trying to achieve with your interior design. For instance, blue tones will show you’re a soft person, orange and red will accentuate your fierceness, green will portray your practicality, while purple will tell everyone how outgoing and creative you are. Alternatively, you can opt for totally unusual combinations and techniques such as textured and metallic wall paint and give your home a great new look that’s going to last for decades to come.

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Pick great décor

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

This might be the oldest trick in the book, but that doesn’t mean it’s an ineffective way to decorate your home. On the contrary, the right décor pieces will show your personality more effectively than anything else. However, you have to try hard to find these pieces and incorporate them into your home so that they look like they belong there.

What’s great, though, is that finding your new favourite décor pieces really shouldn’t be too hard. You just have to think about your style and find collectibles, art pieces, photographs, sculptures, and other pieces that reflect your sense of style. Finally, you can even try creating some of these pieces yourself and show all your guests that you’re not just great at decorating, but also very creative too.

Find an existing style and embrace it

Instead of spending days and days looking for a brand new style of your own, you can choose a more innovative tactic and just find a style that’s already here and simply embrace it. There are tons of different decorating styles out there – from modern and contemporary to monochrome, boho, farmhouse, and industrial – and you’ll surely find one that suits your personality and preferences as you build your interior design portfolio.

One of the most inviting, comfortable, and attractive styles at the moment is the Scandinavian style. Coming from the people who know everything there is to know about being stylish and visually appealing, this style will help you spice up your home and still show how rich your personality is. So, embrace this style and incorporate it into your living space as soon as possible, and you’ll create a home that’s cozy, beautiful, and glamorous.

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Stick to nature

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

In the end, this might be the best and most sustainable way to decorate your home and show off your style. Introducing natural elements into your interior space might not always be the easiest way to go, but you need to keep the result in mind at all times. So, whether you’re growing plants or just using them in your decorating process, you have to remember that going green in your home can go a really long way and introduce a massive change into your home.

Of course, different people prefer different ideas and it’s up to you to decide how far you want to go. Some people might stick to simple things and add just a couple of plants and flowers to their home, while others could go all in and make bolder moves. For example, looking into unusual and extravagant ideas such as the amazing and useful breathing wall could help you on more levels than one. This idea is great for your health, your home’s visual appeal, and your sustainability level, so it’s an option to consider.

Decorating your home is always tricky, but doing that while also trying to present your style too can be particularly challenging. That’s why you need to find ideas and projects that are simple, effective, and able to help you create the effect you’re hoping for!

Featured image credit: Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash