August 15, 2022



Interior Design Hacks To Create A Luxe Finish

No doubt that in an ideal world your house would be kitted out with the latest mod-cons, designer furniture and high-end appliances, trinkets and decorative items to give it that luxurious feel and finish. The reality is however that most people don’t have buckets of spare cash to dedicate to their interior budget. 

The good news is you do not need a designer budget to achieve that luxurious look. There are plenty of means and methods at your disposal to help you achieve that high-end feel without breaking the bank. There may be a few big-ticket items along the way but when you balance these out with savvy shopper alternatives you will be amazed at how you can keep your budget intact. So here are some interior design hacks to help you create the luxe look in your home. 

Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash

Look out for alternatives

When it comes to furniture shopping view it in the same way you might clothes shopping. You get your ideas from the catwalk, the celebs and high priced designers. These ideas then filter their way through the ranks and eventually end up on the high street or your latest price-friendly online retailer. The same is true for your interiors. Design concepts, styles and ideas start life in the higher designer price brackets and ultimately work their way into the more affordable price ranges and retailers. If you find a style or item you love but that it is out of your budget, spend some time shopping around and you will be sure to find a cheaper but equally impressive alternative. 

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Add shutters

Shutters always add a sophisticated and luxury look to a room, but no shutter is as luxurious as plantation shutters. Plantation shutters have been around for centuries, meaning they enjoy a somewhat elite status. Furthermore, they add a classic and sophisticated look that will not date in your home and will withstand whatever design choices you opt for over the years. Finally, shutters can add value to your property making them an expense worth sparing. 

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Clutter and mess will instantly detract from any chic and sophisticated vibes that you might have. Avoid creating chaotic shelves or overfilled surfaces. Too much stuff lying around haphazardly can ultimately make a space or room look cheap. What is more, it costs nothing to declutter. So, keep your accessories to a minimum and display the essential items. Remember, a few chic quality pieces will make your space look and feel much more sophisticated than a plethora of low quality, disorganised items. 

Add a statement rug

Nicely defined dining area with a rug underneath the table
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A statement rug is a must-have item in a carpeted room. It is the foundation for which all of your furniture will sit on and it helps stage a room. A rug can add warmth, texture and colour all of which will help to create that luxe look and feel in a room. A top tip, the larger the rug the more luxurious it will look.