August 15, 2022



Making Your Living Room As Welcoming And Calm As It Should Be

When it comes to the way in which we decorate our homes, we often want to have a particular style. Everybody’s different, so we all have unique looks. One thing seems to be apparent in every single home, though, and it’s that we all want them to give off a welcoming feel. For those who enter and even for ourselves, we want there to be a lovely, relaxing vibe that ensures visitors that you can feel happy and positive when you step inside. That kind of thing doesn’t just happen, though – we cannot magically snap our fingers and create a wonderful aura. Hard work needs to take place in order to achieve this kind of vibe. 

There are lots of different facets to creating a lovely, welcoming, calm home – and, more specifically, a welcoming living room. The living room is going to be the hub of pretty much every house, so we need to make sure this is as comforting as can be. If you’re not too clued in on how to create this kind of space, however, then don’t worry as it’s not rocket science. It’s just a case of making sure you tick a few boxes and get things done neatly. Here are some of those boxes you might want to tick.

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Ensure The Stages Prior To The Entrance Are Welcoming, Too 

You need to make sure you’re setting the tone well before even bothering with the living room itself. If you don’t have that kind of thing sorted out, then those visiting won’t exactly be in the best mood possible. It’s obviously not an extremely vital point, but it’s something that will allow people to feel even better about the room they’re entering. 

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Think about the driveway, the porch area and the foyer, and how they should all be leading up to the living room. You want to welcome people into your home and introduce them to a marvellous home. When they reach the living room, it should feel like entering chorus of the song – with the earlier rooms being like an introduction and verse, and pre-chorus! 

Make Sure It’s Not Messy Or Full Of Clutter

Not every living room in the world is going to be spotless. A spotless living room makes everything so much nicer, though, doesn’t it? When you have lots of little items lying around, it can make you feel a little uneasy. Even though they may be stashed in the corner as there is currently nowhere else for them to go, the fact that they’re in the corner of your eye can annoy you. A nice, clear space can act as a blank canvas, too, so you’re then able to conjure up little ideas in the future in terms of the design. If you currently have a cluttered living room, why not make a day of clearing everything out? It might seem like a chore, but you’ll feel so much better once it’s all done. 

Tips and tricks for creating a calm and welcoming living room
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Make The Seating Arrangement Pleasing On The Eye

The main thing you’ll do in your living room is to sit down and relax. You can’t do that if you don’t have lovely furniture. Fortunately, finding the right furniture for your home is very easy these days as there are heaps of different designs that suit different environments. You simply have to hop onto sites like, and you’ll have an array of different options. The next step would then be to arrange it all in a fashion that is aesthetically pleasing. Don’t just lump it all together and hope for the best – take time out, measure, and try different solutions.

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Allow Space  

It’s easy to put lots of detail into your living room in order to make it personal and unique. There comes the point where you overwhelm and add too many things, though. People need space to breathe in order to feel comfortable in their environment. Don’t put too many things in your living room and allow a little room. This is similar to the point of clearing out all of the clutter as it’ll make everyone feel more at ease. With space, you’ll also be able to add certain decorations at particular times of the year. For instance, Christmas will need a tree, of course!

Keep The Scent, Atmosphere, And Aroma Nice And Fresh

The entire atmosphere of a room will have an effect on the way a person feels. Think about using things like essential oils, air fresheners, purifiers or scented candles to help create a calming and welcoming atmosphere and aroma. For example, fragrances such as lavender and sandalwood can be calming, whereas lemon or grapefruit can be fresh and uplifting. 

Cool and calm colour palette choices for a peaceful living room
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Think About The Colours 

The theme of your home matters a lot and will make a big difference in terms of both first impressions and the overall feel going forward. Everyone has different tastes, but the lighter colours and things like beige tend to do well as they’re more neutral. This really is a subjective matter, but you’ll want to pick something that makes you feel more than at home as you’ll have to be around it more than anyone else!

The Lighting

When talking about the lighting, this means the natural light and the artificial light. Natural light needs to enter the home for aesthetic reasons and for health reasons. You cannot be shut indoors and away from the sunlight all day and all night – that’s not great for the body and mind. When you have a nice, bright home due to natural light, everyone feels so much better. In terms of natural light, you can always sprinkle a few decorative pieces around in order to give a little personality to the room during the evenings. You can also invest in new windows for your living room. Bigger windows or window panes that allow you to let in more natural light can make the room feel bigger and more open. You might be surprised at just how relaxed you can be with the right windows. Contact places like Kelly Window & Door for estimates on how much new windows might cost. You won’t regret letting in all of that wonderful natural light.

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Be Sure To Add Calmness And A Cool Persona Yourself!

This isn’t necessarily a decorative point, but it’s something that you can do to boost the overall aura of the place. If you’re relaxed, then it’s going to make the entire room feel such a way, too. If your behaviour is that of quite a nervous or angry soul, then be sure to rectify that some.