August 9, 2022



Modern Farm House Interior Design Done Right

The modern farmhouse style is warm, cosy, charismatic yet sophisticated and sleek at the same time. This is what makes it one of the most sought-after interior design styles. The idea behind it is to combine modern decor with traditional farmhouse style to create a balance between contemporary glamor and the comfort of country living. 

To help you get it right, we present you with the ultimate guide to modern farmhouse interior design. 

Exposed Beams

Exposed beams are probably one of the first things that come to mind when someone mentions a farmhouse. Often seen in barn ceilings and French kitchens, exposed beams are a must if you want to add a rustic feel and character to the space. In addition to adding flair, the beams can highlight a large area and make it cozier. Also, you could use them to showcase focal pieces like vintage chandeliers.

Combine Rustic And Contemporary Elements

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

The unique blend of elements found in typical farm houses and contemporary residences is at the core of a modern farmhouse design. For example, you could combine light-coloured stones with modern materials such as stainless steel and marble countertops to get a natural yet sophisticated vibe. Likewise, if your farmhouse has an exposed beam ceiling, try contrasting it with a contemporary leather sofa and modern light fixtures to balance it. Or, pair your wooden table with modern metal chairs to create an effortlessly cool and invitingly cosy atmosphere. 

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Use Natural Materials

Modern farmhouse design is built on organic and natural elements that create a visual depth. By incorporating natural features you can achieve a simple sophistication which highlights a modern farmhouse interior custom to you. Combine fabrics like cotton, canvas, linen, or leather with pieces made of stone, weathered wood, rattan, or wicker. And to wrap up the whole look and make it more genuine, choose matte finishes and low-shine materials that emulate the simple beauty of modern farmhouse design. 

Choose Neutral Colours

Cosy home interior incorporating elements of farmhouse style decor
Image credit: Rugs Direct

To provide a calming contrast to an eclectic collection of decorative items, take a hint from simple Scandinavian style and adhere to neutral modern farmhouse colours. Heavy farmhouse furnishings might make a tiny area seem even smaller and more claustrophobic. In contrast, white walls and a lot of mirrors and reflective surfaces will serve to mitigate that. Bright white can also serve as a decor base to connect everything while serving to showcase statement-making objects. 

Play With Contrasts 

By mixing high and low, old and new, you can effortlessly create a rich modern farmhouse decor that exudes calm, unpretentious luxury. Keep it simple and stick to the good old “less is more.” That being said, don’t be afraid to include unusual or tough findings and objects because, with a bit of imagination and strategic placement, you can pull everything together without it feeling forced. By doing this, you’ll make sure your place has its individuality.

Unique Fixtures

Farmhouse style decor for a home office
Photo by Camylla Battani on Unsplash

Interior designers often recommend adding dramatic light fixtures and rustic sconces to modern farmhouse living rooms since they’ll make the space have a more upscale feel. To highlight gorgeous modern farmhouse decor, go for unique fixtures. Think ample pendant lighting and weathered faucets.

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Opt for Wooden Floors

This is perhaps one of a farmhouse’s most prominent characteristics. Wide wooden boards give the impression that your flooring was recently removed from a historic barn. You can either paint them or leave them as-is, and if you need to add some softness and texture to your room, consider putting in a rug. Wood is enduring and fairly straightforward to maintain. It lends your property a natural look and can be disassembled, sanded, and refinished as necessary.

Use Dimensional Wall Finishing

Dimensional finishing, also known as board and batten siding, is becoming increasingly popular for indoor design. Often used in bedrooms, dining rooms, and hallways, this type of finishing gives elegance to otherwise plain drywalls. Moreover, you could also use it as exterior cladding to provide a farmhouse appearance and a rustic feel from the outside.  

A modern farmhouse interior design style stems from the enthusiasm to have a more relaxed, warm, and inviting vibe in the home. Part of its charm is the freedom to combine different elements to create a visual cohesion of rustic and sleek. This is a decor trend that celebrates freedom and individuality, so you’ll certainly have fun with your endeavour!