August 10, 2022



Preparing Your House For Sale In The Current UK Housing Market

With the United Kingdom falling behind other countries when it comes to tackling soaring house prices, it seems as though buyers in the UK market still face a long wait for rates to stabilise. While the turbulent housing market (combined with rapidly rising fuel and energy costs) has made it more costly to buy a new home than ever before, many homeowners have found themselves sitting on a relative goldmine as resale values increase in kind. If you’re considering re-entering the marketplace and selling your home in the UK, check out these simple steps to success:

Check for any repairs you need to make and create a plan

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

The first step to take when preparing your home for resale is evaluating your entire property and making a list of repairs that need to be made. You may be surprised at how many issues you identify, from the easily fixed (such as creaking doors, minor plumbing issues and faulty fixtures) to more important problems that can lead to costly repairs (such as structural issues like damp and warped floors). Once you’ve made a list, prioritise and create a plan for how you will tackle each repair.

Consider which renovations could net your more money

Even the most simple home renovation jobs can have a significant impact on resale value, but it’s always best to prioritise those that are most likely to generate extra value – these include garage/loft conversions, conservatories and extensions, landscaping/external development, improving energy efficiency, redecoration and bathroom renovation. When planning a bathroom renovation, consider visiting bathroom showrooms to identify popular trends and increase the value of your space; similarly, research trends in heating, lighting and landscaping to boost the appeal of your garden and add value to your property.

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Clear personal possessions

Create a gallery style wall in your hall
Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

When preparing your home for viewings, thoroughly clean and de-clutter your property and try to remove personal possessions, especially those which leave a clear ‘mark’ of your time there. Removing personal items will better enable potential buyers to visualise the space as their own, whilst de-cluttering will add the illusion of extra light and space. Try to market your property as an organised new home, rather than a lived-in second-hand space.

Consider professional home staging

If your budget allows, consider using professional home staging services or hiring an interior designer to get the most out of your property. Home staging is a great way of transforming your property into a showroom house that’s more likely to sell quickly. The good news is, home staging usually entails expert arrangement of existing items, so you shouldn’t have to invest in new furniture or fixtures to get the job done.

Featured image credit: Collov Home Design on Unsplash