August 10, 2022



Product Review: Light Up Your Home with Litecraft

[AD] UK company Litecraft have been lighting up the nation’s homes since 1949, and design a lot of their own products. They have six stores located around the country, and also sell online from their website They stock pretty much everything you can think of in the lighting line, from overhead lights to garden lights to desk lamps to lightbulbs to party lights…you get the general idea. We were asked to take a look at the Annecy Swing Arm Table Lamp, and our reviewer was Sara Walker.

Annecy Swing Arm Table Lamp. Image (c) 2020 Litecraft

“We’ve just finished building a fairly substantial extension, and as a result I’m discovered that we need lighting in all sorts of places that I hadn’t realised! We’ve managed to find room to add a little dressing room to the master bedroom, which is proving a boon – I’m really enjoying having somewhere to tidy all the clutter to!

It’s not a very bright space, though, and while we’ve got overhead lights so that I can make sure I’m not going out wearing odd shoes I thought it would be nice to have some gentler lighting in there for the evenings. I hadn’t thought of a swing arm lamp, but when I saw the Annecy Lamp from Litecraft I thought it would be ideal, as it means that you can move the arm around and position the light how you need it. This vintage style lamp has an antique brass finish and is topped with a white shade and contrasting trims for a classic image.

Lamp with arm folded up.

“The light arrived promptly, and I thought the quality was very good. I liked the finish, which had a slightly brushed effect rather than being shiny, and the arm was easy to move around and re-position. When the arm was folded in, the lamp just looked like a standard table lamp. I personally wasn’t particularly keen on the supplied lampshade, which was in white fabric with a gold/beige trim, as I didn’t like the shiny finish – it was classic and plain though, and would fit into any decor.

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Lamp with swing arm partially extended.

“The lamp took a standard bulb, and I liked the position of the light switch (under the bulb), as I find in-flex switches have a tendency to get stuck behind furniture! The lamp measures 55cm high and 30cm wide including the shade, so it makes quite an imposing statement if you have it on a chest or drawers or table as I did.

The lamp has an antiqued finish and comes with a white shade.

“The lamp costs £89, which isn’t dirt cheap, but then I think you’re getting a good quality, well finished product. The classic design means we’re likely to have this for a long time, and I’m already finding it extremely useful to have an adjustable light in that corner. I’ve been impressed with Litecraft’s service and product, and I’d definitely consider them again if I had another lighting project – which I might well have when we start tidying up the mess in the garden!”

The Annecy Swing Arm Table Lamp costs £89 and is available from Litecraft.

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(Disclosure: The lamp was supplied for the purpose of the review, but all views and opinions are our own).