August 15, 2022



Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid Before Selling

Many people decide to renovate their homes before putting them on the market, thinking a few changes may help lure in as many prospective purchasers as possible. However, not all changes are worthwhile, and there’s certainly room for error when you’ve never had to remodel a property before.

If you have inherited a home you need to sell fast, or you’re considering putting your own property on the market, here are a few mistakes you might like to avoid.

Installing Expensive Appliances

Many people ask themselves, ‘should I rent or sell my house?’ and realize that remodelling may be necessary in both situations. However, whether you’ve decided to sell through a realtor, a professional buyer, or keep your property and rent it out, the purchase of expensive appliances can be a possible mistake you’re best to avoid.

While there’s no denying that upmarket appliances like ovens and dishwashers can enhance a kitchen, you won’t be around to enjoy them. Instead, tenants or new owners will, and you may not make a return on your investment.

Not Using Qualified Tradespeople

Even if you consider yourself the master of DIY, some tasks are better left in the capable hands of trained experts. For example, many states require skilled and qualified electricians and plumbers to handle many different plumbing and electricity-related problems for safety reasons.

Even if you want to save money on home improvements, purchasers may offer less for properties where some repairs and maintenance aren’t up to code.

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Making Bold Colour Choices

Image by image by Stux from Pixabay

Professional property buyers don’t care about the colour of your walls when you sell your home, but public market purchasers might. Even if you love bright colors like red, purple, and green, consider calmer and more neutral hues when you’re trying to attract buyers. You may wish to paint over bold walls before listing your house for sale or choosing matching home décor that ties the entire look together and reflects your personality.

Renovating Kitchens and Bathrooms

If you are renting your home out, renovating the kitchen and bathroom might be necessary to ensure these areas are functional for those moving in. However, if you’re selling to a professional buyer or member of the public, you may not need to invest such a significant sum of money.

Contemporary bathrooms and kitchens can cost tens of thousands of dollars while causing a great deal of stress. You might be able to sell your home just as quickly by leaving them as they are.

Making Layout Changes

Any homeowner wants to make their property look as desirable as possible to prospective purchasers. However, some of the things you don’t like about your home may be what others adore.

Avoid making significant changes to the layout, even if how your property currently flows doesn’t suit your preferences. If you believe the design might put people off, consider changing around the furniture to adjust the flow instead.

There can be so many decisions to make in the lead-up to a property sale, such as who you will sell to, the changes you’ll make, and whether you’ll sell or rent. Even if you’re not yet sure what you want to do, you may now be in a better position to avoid making some of these common mistakes above.