August 15, 2022



Return of Heavy Traffic in the House

[AD] We’ve crossed the 2020 finish line and are looking forward to the point later in 2021 where we can once again entertain friends and guests within our homes.

For too long we have all experienced too much space in our homes and seen the same things day in and day out. This no doubt has an effect on our tastes and overall desire to decorate, re-organise and update our homes before the time when we begin to invite others over.

Ideas for your home

The decorations from Christmas have come down and for a moment it looks bare and uneven, as always.

Now you can start evaluating what to do to give the room a new personality. Colour is among the first things you will notice and a new lick of pain can make the room naturally brighter, as can adding fresh pictures or art pieces on the wall. Furniture has also suffered more this year with entire families finding even more time to sit, meaning the sofas and chairs may not be as comfortable or in as tip-top condition as they previously were. Replacing furniture is a good way to rejuvenate a room and can help you create a new interior style.

Your carpets and wooden flooring are likely to have been subject to more traffic from your family during 2020, especially if you have young children or tend to pace around whilst working, so replacing old or damaged flooring is a good option to consider. A practical alternative to traditional hardwood floors or carpets is luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, which is more affordable, but looks just as good.

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Preparing for the year ahead

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Once you’ve decided on the areas of your home to focus on, think about how you can build from the ground up. For example, be sure that whatever you cover the floor with can withstand the various movements that are likely to be incoming, both in the future and when you’re decorating. Flooring choices such as the lowest price Amtico Spacia flooring, enable you to lay a foundation for the room that is scratch and stain resistant, helping provide perfect protection against movement of furniture and when painting the walls.

If you’re keen to host more events or get togethers in 2021 when able to, the floor will see a lot more foot traffic. With Amtico providing a highly durable product, you are sure to provide comfort and warmth over regular hardwood flooring. Plus, no one will be able to tell the difference – apart from you when it comes to the price, as luxury vinyl is a much cheaper alternative to hardwood flooring.

So as the year changes along with your tastes, try the cheapest amtico flooring uk when it comes to your plans for a new home look.