August 15, 2022



Stylish Home Office Upgrades To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Working remotely, whether for a regular employer, or your own business, is a lot of fun. However, it’s also challenging. And not just because of the work.

The problem is this – our homes aren’t set up for commercial activity. Unlike regular offices and places of work, they lack some of the facilities and amenities that we need to be productive. Because of this, our long-term productivity can suffer, and we can find ourselves missing performance targets. 

The trick here is to reorganise your home office so that it becomes more like the one you have at work. Moreover, if you can make it stylish at the same time, you’re onto a winner.

Here’s what to do!

Start With An Ergonomic Chair

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

During the various COVID-19 lockdowns, many workers got used to the idea of working on the couch or at the kitchen table. And while this was fun for a while, many eventually noticed that they were having back trouble. Our bodies aren’t designed for reclining all day, or sitting hunched over a computer while sitting on a stool. It’s not how we’re made.

Therefore, if you’re looking to upgrade your home office, start by swapping out your old chair for a new one. Don’t use the plastic play chair that came with your children’s picnic set. Instead, get something that is both stylish and ergonomic, supporting your lumbar spine while also ensuring that you are at the correct height for your desk. 

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Install Quality Speakers

Some people like to work in silence, but many of us actually prefer to listen to music while we toil away. It’s relaxing and can take some of the stress out of work. 

Installing quality speakers, therefore, should be a priority. Don’t rely on your Bluetooth soundbar that you take to the beach. After a while, the poor sound quality will really start to grate on you. 

Pick A Soft Desk Lamp

Home office set up with a soft desk lamp
Photo by Michael Soledad on Unsplash

When you’re setting up a business or you want to register for VAT with HMRC, you need to be able to see all the paperwork on your desk. Trying to use an overhead light will leave you squirting and, in extreme cases, with eyestrain. 

Picking a soft desk lamp, however, can deal with this problem while also giving you a mellower home. Studies show that using softer lighting in the evening is beneficial for health and can make us more productive, great for anyone who works late in the office. 

Add A Smart Assistant

Adding a smart assistant can be a great way to save you time and energy. Instead of constantly editing your calendar or searching for things on Google, you can simply tell the assistant what you would like it to do, and it’ll do it for you. 

These days, stylish smart assistants abound. Amazon, Apple and Google all have viable products that integrate with your email and other apps you use for work. 

Practical desk to use for setting up a work at home space
Photo by James McDonald on Unsplash

Make A Yoga Mat A Permanent Feature Of The Room

Sitting down all day is bad for you. However, you can undo some of the damage by regularly stretching or doing yoga.

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For this reason, many remote workers are adding yoga mats to their home offices as a permanent feature. At lunch time or the end of the day, they immediately move from their chair to their mat and start a class to undo all of the knots and tight muscles they’ve accumulated during working hours. 

Add Plants To Your Desk

Adding interior plants has long been a great way to improve your interior style. But when you work from home, it’s even more essential. Plants add vital greenery to your surroundings, making you feel better. Studies show that being in the presence of plants increases energy levels and may even boost productivity.

When it comes to indoor plants, the bigger the better. Bring species into your home office for weekdays and then leave them out in the sun at the weekend to help them survive longer. 

Invest in A Bigger Monitor

Extra large monitor for home working
Photo by Luke Peters on Unsplash

In the past, 30-inch monitors were a rarity. There were only a couple on the market, and they cost thousands of pounds. However, that’s now changing. You can pick up entry-level 34-inch monitors for less than £400, giving you the opportunity to work on multiple documents at the same time. 

Make Your Desk To Die For

Lastly, it’s worth making your desk sometime to die for. You want it to be stylish but also something that you can sit at all day, even if you have to continue working deep into the evening.