August 15, 2022



The Benefits of Velvet Fabrics for Furniture

[AD] If you’re looking to buy new furniture or buy fabric to have your existing furniture re-upholstered, there’s a lot to be said for choosing velvet. As well as looking luxurious, feeling soft and being available in a wide variety of colours and designs, velvet fabrics have a host of other benefits going for them when it comes to using them on furniture. Here’s a guide to some of the benefits of choosing velvet for furniture.

The fabric is durable and made to last

Photo by Coco Tafoya on Unsplash

Far from being a delicate fabric, velvet is designed to be hard-wearing and can last well for years, which makes it a good choice for furniture. The material has a flat dense pile, similar to a rug, which helps add to its durability. Plus, due to the way velvet picks up the light, the colours of velvet fabrics tend to have more depth to them than plain woven fabrics do.

As it doesn’t have raised weave or loose threads, it means that it’s actually less easy to snag velvet fabric, making it a pet-friendly option. Plus, dirt or pet hairs should be easier to brush off from the surface of the fabric.

Velvet is versatile

As a fabric, velvet is a really versatile material that works well when used in a variety of ways. It can be used to upholster both small and larger pieces of furniture, from footstools and chairs to sofas and headboards. Plus, you can use it to make coordinating accessories, such as cushions and curtains.

Velvet has a luxurious feel to it and it can help glam up the look and style of a room and make spaces feel more sophisticated and grown up. Yet it’s equally at home in a more cosy and relaxed space, where its soft touch can add a comforting and warming feel to a room.

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The range of velvet fabrics available this days is immense and there’s a great choice of fabric designs to choose from, from rich vibrant colours and lively patterns, to more muted colour palettes. The selection of velvet fabrics by Yorkshire Fabric Shop are a good example of the wide range of contemporary options available.

Velvet furniture is easy to maintain

Contemporary interior with velvet furniture and headboard
Photo by Edelle Bruton on Unsplash

If you assumed velvet fabric would be hard to clean and maintain, think again. For cleaning purposes, you can simply use a brush to wipe clean the surface of velvet furniture or use the hand-held attachment of a vacuum cleaner to keep velvet furniture clean and dirt-free.

As with other fabrics, it’s best to deal with stains and spills immediately, rather than when they’ve dried in, to have the best success of fully cleaning it. Any form of liquid, including water, can leave stains on velvet, so blot it with a dry cloth (avoid rubbing), as soon as possible, then brush the pile to restore it.

The look of velvet can change after it’s been sat on – what’s known as a bruising effect – but it can be gently brushed back to achieve its normal state. A standard brush will do, but you can also get a special velvet upholstery brush if you wish.

Alternatively, you could try steaming velvet to get creases out and fluff up the fibres of the fabric. For the neatest effect, make sure you brush the pile in the same direction across the surface of the furniture, as this will create a smooth effect.

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Like leather, some creases can be more reluctant to be removed, but over time they can help add to the aged charm of a favourite piece of furniture.

If you’re really concerned about velvet fabric marking or bruising, then look out for synthetic velvets, such as products made with quality polyester, as these are less likely to bruise.

Are you a fan of velvet furniture? Share your views on velvet in the comments below.