August 9, 2022



Things To Do After Your Home Renovation Is Complete

With inflation and increasing material costs stifling the UK’s recent renovation boom, those of us who’ve managed to successfully complete affordable home renovation should count ourselves lucky – but what essential steps should you take once your renovation is finished?

1: Check over the renovated areas

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The first step you need to take upon completing renovation is a thorough check of your property, focusing on the areas where work has been done. Walk through your property and look out for any issues or problems, especially those related to structural integrity and electrical and heating systems. It’s essential for both your own safety and the long-term health of your property that you identify any potential issues as soon as possible – solving these could be extremely costly and time-consuming in the long run. You could even make a professional negligence claim against the contracting company used if you spot any problems, so ensure that you check and double-check newly renovated rooms, fixtures and appliances.

2: Payment plans

In order to save money when paying for your home renovation, consider options such as payment plans. Many companies offer payment plans to their clients, especially for large-scale jobs – this will enable you to pay a preferred amount each month, rather than a costly bulk sum. Discuss options with your contractor and ensure that you can meet any agreed payments before committing to a payment plan. If possible, investigate payment plans before renovation or discuss these with your contractor when getting an initial quote.

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3: Cleaning your home

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Depending on the scale and nature of the completed renovation (and the amount of remaining mess or debris), you may need to prioritise cleaning after renovation. This could mean deep-cleaning your home, including the walls, floors, windows and fixtures. If possible, it’s best to complete any deep-cleaning before items of furniture are introduced into the renovated space. If you have the budget, consider hiring a professional cleaning company to minimise stress and enable you to place focus elsewhere after renovation.

4: Redecorating the room

While it’s no secret that home renovation can significantly increase property value, you may not realise that simply re-decorating key rooms (such as kitchens, bedrooms and living areas) can have a direct impact on the price of your property, especially if you’re looking to sell in the future. Whether you choose to repaint, repurpose or rearrange, there are many cost-effective ways to spruce up your home after structural renovation.

5: Furnishing the room

Interior design space planning helps get projects defined before work starts
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Furnishing newly-renovated rooms is a great way of adding value and personalising your home after a new renovation. If you don’t have space in your budget to purchase brand-new furniture, you can find used items or even repurpose and recycle existing pieces, often to stunning effect.