August 9, 2022



What Are The Different Fabrics for Contemporary Rugs?

Are you looking to buy a new rug for your home? These days contemporary rugs are not only available in a host of different designs and styles, but also they’re made from a variety of different fabrics too. When you’re choosing a rug, you’ll need to consider what fibres its made from, as this will help you assess its durability and suitability for your needs.  

Here’s a useful buyer’s guide to the key rug fabric options and their benefits. 


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Acrylic is one of the most popular choices as materials for rugs because it’s hard wearing. The material is known to closely imitate the wool characteristics and be tufted and woven into some amazing rug designs. The material is extremely easy to clean, making it a very popular choice for household use. Another reason for its surge in popularity is that it has much less shedding or fluff than wool and therefore is very easy to maintain.


This is another synthetic fibre that is considered very affordable and, therefore, a definite choice for most people. Similar to acrylic, this fibre is also hardwearing and durable. Another significant advantage of this synthetic material is its easy-to-maintain nature that is beneficial in areas where there is high footfall. The material can be made into flat weaves or shaggy designs, yet the fibre can feel very soft.

Gorgeous tribal themed rug on a living room floor
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Viscose is a less durable fibre but is considered to be very luxurious and stylish. The material gives the rugs their unique luxurious finish and a sheen. This enhances the rug’s overall appeal and consequently elevates any space or area into an erudite sphere. The material is usually blended together with wool for its significantly high-grade results. However, since the material tends to be very delicate, it is not recommended for high traffic areas which might be subjected to more footfalls.

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What type of rug is best for your needs? A practical buyers guide to rug fabrics and fibres
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Sisal is a material that is even more hardwearing than jute itself, making it perfect for areas experiencing high footfall, such as doorways and corridors. Since these areas are subject to daily wear and tear due to people walking through, a strong fabric like sisal is perfect. The material can be very coarse on the underside and differs from other materials such as jute, polypropylene, and cotton. Special care must be taken to ensure that the fabric does not get wet as it may cause stains and the fibres to expand.

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