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When Is the Right Time to Remodel Your Bathroom?

Remodelling a bathroom is a significant project that requires plenty of planning and budgeting. Technically, it can take place at any time of the year, but planning to renovate at a specific time can help move the process along and make a few things easier to achieve. For example, long and warm summers make work more comfortable for contractors due to higher temperatures. On the other hand, it can be a busy period for them, so it might be harder to book someone to work for you.

Autumn, when school holidays are over and builders schedules are calmer, might work better for you, especially before winter arrives with colder weather, which might also cause some disruptions to work. Early spring is just before the busiest season hits, so if you get lucky enough to find the contractor that will tackle everything from installing the water heater expansion tank to laying down tile, you can be good to go.

Read the article below to learn more about the best time to start your bathroom remodel.


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Most people would agree that summer is a pretty nice time of the year to renovate a bathroom. The weather tends to be warmer and sunnier, so working outside, such as digging holes and replacing old pipes, goes a lot smoother.

The long days mean your contractor will be able to work longer hours so that the project can get done faster. Summertime also means more time off from work, so it’s easier to find more time for planning, budgeting, and completing all other tasks that come with the renovation. If you have some time off work, you’ll also be able to stay at home and supervise the work as it gets done. This way, you can ensure that everything is going according to plan.

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Manufacturers and home improvement stores are also well aware that summertime is a great time for remodelling, so more products such as tiles with exciting designs or seasonal decorations might appear. You could also stumble upon some great deals and sales, but on the other hand, some stores might up their prices on certain products.


When it comes to remodelling a bathroom, autumn has plenty of benefits as well. Since it might still be warm enough outside for most things, it’s easier for your contractor to get things done on time without too much of a hassle. Autumn is also the end of the busy season, so you won’t have to worry about any kind of vacation schedule for contractors.

However, depending on where you live, the weather might quickly change and become chilly and rainy, which will make things like drying plaster take longer due to high humidity.

Autumn is also before winter hits, so if any concrete work has to be done outside, take advantage of this time. However, be aware that some materials might be cheaper but less available due to the high demand of the summer that has just passed, and contractors still might have pretty busy schedules.


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Despite all the planning in the world, sometimes winter renovations just don’t work out. If you have a major structural component, such as replacing the pipes in the ground, consider doing it in the summer when the weather is more cooperative.

Still, even though you might not have ideal weather conditions, winter can be a good time to do smaller indoor projects. For example, if there’s no rush, you can install the faucet and toilet while the weather is colder, and they will be ready to go once spring comes around. Winter will be the perfect time if you don’t need to tear the whole bathroom down or live somewhere where there’s little to no snow, and the humidity is low.

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If you don’t proceed with actual winter renovations, it could be a good time to contact a few contractors, ask about their availability in warmer months and get an idea of their prices so you can choose the best and most affordable option. It could also be a great time to take advantage of holiday sales as many products and materials could be cheaper this time of year.


If you plan to remodel your bathroom, spring might be a great time to do it. As soon as the weather starts getting warmer and the snow melts, the day length increases, making it a better time for extensive remodelling projects.

Spring is also a good time for remodels because there isn’t much traffic for contractors and specialists yet. If you need a contractor specializing in waterproofing or an electrician, you won’t have as long a wait as you would during the summer or fall. Besides, in spring, homeowners may also benefit from tax refunds, which can help them pay for their renovations.

The earlier in the spring you plan to start, the better choice it might be — contractors might be still looking to keep their workers busy and fill their schedules, so they should have no issues fitting you in as a client. They also might be willing to lower their prices. In addition, some materials could be cheaper because stores don’t need to maintain a large stockpile of items as they would have to in summer and autumn.

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To sum up, every time of the year has its own set of pros and cons when it comes to doing major remodelling projects like renovating your bathroom. A lot will depend on where you live and the climate because bad weather can put work on hold for many days.

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You’ll also need to consider factors such as temperature, humidity, as well as prices, and availability of the materials. Usually, the earlier you book your contractor, the better, so that’s one thing you shouldn’t put off for too long. If you are ready to start your remodel, keep the tips mentioned above in mind and turn your dreams about a new bathroom into a reality!

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