August 15, 2022



Why Prefab Outdoor Kitchens Are More Popular Now

The global pandemic changed the way people view their homes. They want outdoor features that allow them to enjoy life fully even when they must stay home. Outdoor kitchens serve as a good example of an upgrade people are looking to make. 

In fact, 82 percent of homeowners surveyed stated that wanted to update their outdoor space. For those looking to incorporate a backyard kitchen into this space, prefab kitchens are an option. So, how do you know if prefab outdoor kitchens are for you?

Research is Key  

Photo by Jubéo Hernandez on Unsplash

People looking to purchase a prefab kitchen must first do some research. It’s easy to see a photo of a prefab kitchen and fall in love. However, the kitchen won’t look the same when it arrives. Manufacturers often Photoshop pictures into a luxurious background to entice people to buy their products. Realistically, the kitchen will look completely different in each setting. Keep this in mind when buying a prefab kit and envision how it will look in the selected space. If possible, use a computer program to see how the kit will work in your backyard.   

Consider the Quality  

When researching these kitchens, look at the materials used in the kit. Will they hold up in the local climate? A low price often means low-quality materials. Keep this in mind, and research the materials along with the kits. If possible, speak to an outdoor kitchen manufacturer to see if they can offer recommendations suited for the local climate.   

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For example, someone who lives in a coastal area needs to consider 304 stainless steel for their grill. Many materials degrade when exposed to salt. This grade of stainless steel resists corrosion, making it perfect for homes by the ocean and other areas where salt exposure is a concern. 

Lack of Customization  

Modern grey prefab outdoor kitchen
Photo by Vincent Wachowiak on Unsplash

People who choose to buy a prefab kitchen are limited in terms of customizing the kitchen to meet their needs. For this reason, many people opt to work with a builder to have their outdoor kitchen created to fulfil their specific requirements. This ensures each owner gets exactly what they need. However, it is best to work with a contractor who specializes in this type of outdoor living feature. A general contractor is typically not the best option in this situation.   

Installation of the Kitchen  

One thing many homeowners fail to factor into the cost of the outdoor kitchen is the installation fees. Who will install the kitchen? In many cases, an electrician must connect the different appliances. A plumber may be needed if the prefab kit comes with a sink or other features that require water. By working with a contractor who constructs outdoor kitchens, the homeowner turns these tasks over to the contractor. They then handle hiring professionals who can complete these and other tasks.   

Set a Budget  

Stylish outdoor dining area with barbecue cooking area
Photo by Arcwind on Unsplash

Setting a budget ensures you’ll get the features you want most within your price range. As you discover the price of each feature, you can can weigh up how important it is to you. 

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Prefab outdoor kitchens serve as one option for those who want to add this feature to their outdoor living space. However, people should consider all options before deciding this is the way to expand their living space. Working with a contractor to find out if a kit is the right choice and whether the kit can be customized increases the likelihood of being satisfied when the project is complete.